Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Radio interview

I was interviewed by the lovely Caro Cook for BBC radio Somerset broadcasting across the South West. My fabulous agent has managed to get the audio file and it's now on the agency youtube channel for anyne who missed it and fancies a listen. There are tips for writers and a bit of behind the scenes things for the Miss Underhay mysteries! Click Here

Friday, December 04, 2020

Picture this!

I found this fabulous picture which captures Lucy at Enderley Hall in Murder at the Bell Tower so wonderfully I thought I'd share it with you all along with a tiny snippet.
Matt glanced around for Kitty. She was assisting Lucy while the craft table was full. He wanted to speak to her to tell her about his visit to the police station and to ask if she had seen her uncle. He excused himself from the group and carried his decoration over to Kitty. “Another one for your tree.” She studied it for a moment. “What is it?” “A robin, obviously.” He was a little disgruntled at her disparagement of his artistic endeavours. “Of course, I see it now,” she grinned and hung it on the tree next to a slightly malevolent looking cherub.