Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year round-up.

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers. Thank you for your support during 2011. I wish all of you a wonderful 2012 filled with good things.
2011 was a bit up and down for me, as it was for many people. The first part of the year held the usual uncertainty over my day job - but worse than it had ever been before. This year still looks rocky in some respects but hopeful which is as good as it gets for most people at the moment I think in the current economic climate.
Family wise, it had the highs of my eldest getting the results she needed from her AS levels to continue at college and to find a career she really wants. My middle belle took part in her first big play and coped brilliantly and my youngest belle continues to be her entertaining beautiful self. Mr Nell's health issues stayed in remission and although my arthritis is getting worse I staved off the hip replacement for another year.
Writing wise it's been a real roller coaster. Since parting amicably from my agent and making the decision to go it alone for a while saleswise I've had my best ever year in books placed. 5 books went to my wonderful new specialist sweet publisher - Astraea press - these included some of my older out of print stories as well as my new novella - A Cornish Christmas. E-Scape with a Book published the anthology of short stories that I wrote with my Coffee Crew friends - Phillipa Ashley and Elizabeth Hanbury. 2 books were taken by a large print publisher. Animal Instincts sold to a German book club and I secured a 2 book contract with Myrmidon for my single title books. Renovation, Renovation, Renovation is out digitally and in paperback March 5th whilst I've almost completed the first draft of Radio Gaga which is book 2.
Next year? Who knows - I have a completed category length story out there and I'm working on some more shorts for Astraea as well as a Jane Austen inspired project which may or may not work. I'm planning some workshops and some online classes. Check my website regularly for details or join my Yahoo group to take part.
Thank you all for everything this year. I'm very blessed in having great family and wonderful friends.
Happy New year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My sweet reads with Astraea are all on offer for the holidays at 86p if you're in the UK and 99c if you're in the US - available at B&N and Amazon!
Snap them up for later!
Cue Me In - a fun ghost story for dark nights.
Dangerous to Know - A longer romantic suspense read set in the Lake District
Making Waves
September Song and A Cornish Christmas are my three New Bay stories - all stand alone reads set in Cornwall

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The gift of Christmas

I've now officially broken up from the day job for a week or so. Time to rescue the house - having three teenagers at home whilst I'm at work is not a good thing. The fridge has now been filled (again), the freezer is stuffed with goodies and the pantry is a danger zone thanks to the shelves groaning with treats ready for family and friends.
For many people life is not so kind, my next job today is to send my charity donations for Christmas. I have some causes I support all year round - my local hospice, the RNLI, and the air ambulance are my main ones but at Christmas I always try to give extra money where I can. The real message of Christmas isn't the gifts or the food and parties but in the true wealth of life, family, friends and the thankfulness for the bounty we've recieved all year. The joy of Christmas lies in sharing with others especially with those who may be struggling.
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope that the season is filled with blessings for you and yours.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The new shiny

Sign up here for my shiny new yahoo group. My newsletter system had grown way too big for my mail server so I decided to invite everyone over to the new group instead. As well as getting newsletter, subscriber exclusive contests for readers and for writers, there'll be exclusive stories, snippets from work in progress and even some online workshops and book discussions. Hopefully everyone will get to chat and have some fun there.You can also find me on Facebook or if you're on Twitter I'm @NellDixon

Monday, December 05, 2011

Bryan Adams and me

Sigh, what can I say? I've been in a long term relationship with Bryan Adams for over twenty years now. Last night I got to see him again. Just Bryan, me and a few thousand other people. For those of you who are concerned about Mr Nell - it's ok. He understands that if/when Bryan realises that i'm the perfect woman for him, then he'll stand aside. In return I've promised to do the same should Linda Lusardi ever consider Mr Nell.
If you've never been to a Bryan Adams concert then don't go expecting elephants, giant robots, fancy lighting, support acts and costume changes. What you get is Bryan in his black tee shirt and jeans, some guitars and a few other assorted musicians also in black shirts and jeans and that's all he needs. He sang and played for two and a half hours without a break and every song was a hit.
I love that he keeps his private life private, supports many excellent charities quietly without making a huge deal of it, is a talented photographer and just an all round nice person as well as being an incredible rock singer.
I also based a bit of Drew in Crystal Clear on Bryan.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

A release from Coffee Crew member - Phillipa Ashley!

When Carrie’s fiancĂ© Huw suddenly calls off their wedding, and she finds out he’s marrying another woman, she’s devastated. Desperate to get away, Carrie jumps at her best friend Rowena’s suggestion of a road trip in her VW camper van. But when Rowena has to pull out and Matt Landor, an old friend of Huw's, ends up filling the breach, she's not so sure. Will fate take the pair on an altogether different journey? (In the UK as It Should Have Been Me)
Another lovely read from Phillipa - if you didn't catch it first time round then grab your copy now!