Monday, April 22, 2013

Write on...

I have a confession. I haven't been writing much this year. I want to write, the stories are in my head just bursting to get out but real life has taken over to such a huge extent that I simply haven't had the time or the desire to write.I will write again soon, I promise. I'm going to be doing more hours at my day job and that job has become immensely more stressful and difficult. My family life is also challenging right now. I have three teenage daughters who need me and they, and Mr Nell have to be my priority.

So I appologise for not being around much at the moment. Things are settling down into a new pattern and then I can hit the keyboard again.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hurray for holidays

I'll be missing for a few days as Mr Nell and I are taking the belles away to the seaside in our tourer. Am hoping a freak heat wave will hit Dorset while we're there or we may be returning with less teenagers than when we started. In the meantime, you might like to pick up a copy of Radio Gaga for your reading pleasure!

Over the airwaves everyone can hear you scream!

Radio researcher and part-time presenter Chloe Lark is certain her big show biz break is just around the corner. Live it Up radio may not be the big time, but surely - one day soon - fame will come her way. And, if she could convince the hunky guy next door to give her a chance, her love life might improve too.

Ex-soldier Ben isn’t sure if his new ‘Z’ list celebrity neighbour is crazy or on medication. Either way he’s looking for a quiet life out of the spotlight. The last thing he needs is an accident prone media hungry blonde complete with mystery stalker. Problem is - Chloe doesn’t seem to have received that particular memo…

‘Great characters, exciting writing and a beautiful love story - a definite must have for your Kindle!’ 5*

Here’s an excerpt!

I knew it wasn’t burglars when I noticed the large empty space next to the bay window. No self-respecting burglar would break into someone’s home just to steal a life size cardboard cut-out of Darth Vader would they? No, it wasn’t burglars who’d nicked Darth or who’d cleared the shelf of the Queen CDs. It was Neil. He’d finally moved out, and taken Freddie Mercury and the Dark Lord with him as he went.

For a moment I stood trying to decide how I felt. Angry? Broken-hearted? In the time it took me to cross the room, enter the kitchen and dump my handbag on the worktop I decided my overwhelming feeling was relief.

Neil had raided the kitchen too: his state of the art coffee maker which I hadn’t been allowed to touch was gone, along with his juicer and his super fancy wok. Only a couple of spilled coffee beans on the countertop showed where they had been. I looked at the clippie magnet on the fridge to see if he’d left me a note. We’d always left messages for each other one there. A few months back they had been little love notes with kisses and pictures of hearts. Now the only thing on there was the ratty message I’d left for him yesterday asking him to pick up some milk on his way home. I walked back through the lounge to what had once been our bedroom. The wardrobe doors were open showing the empty hangers and his rack of immaculately arranged ties had gone. My mobile vibrated in my trouser pocket telling me I had a text as I sank down onto the edge of the bed. I knew what it would be before I even fished it out of my pocket.

‘Chloe, guess you know by now have moved out, thought would be better this way. U know it wasn’t working, sorry, N’ © Nell Dixon 2013

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