Thursday, April 25, 2024

Almost May!!!

Wow! This month has shot past! My editor loves book 1 of the Secret Detective Agency and I'm getting stuck in to writing the second book. The series will launch early next year and I am so excited for you to meet Jane, Arthur, Benson and Marmaduke the cat. For my Miss Underhay fans, have no fears, there are lots more Matt and Kitty stories in the pipeline. Murder on the French Riviera is live on Netgalley for advance readers and getting great reviews! Phew! I'm almost done on the first draft of Murder in the apple orchard which is possibly the title we're getting for the next book in the series. May will be a busy month for me as Murder on the French Riviera releases the day before my middle daughter's wedding! May is also mine and Mr Nell's 39th wedding anniversary (On Star wars day lol) and my youngest daughters birthday. So if I seem a bit frazzled around then you'll know why!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Going out out!

Yesterday I had a lovely time meeting writerly people. First in Exeter with a fab lunch talking to friends old and new about everything writing and publishing. Then on the evening out to Totnes to meet more locally based writing friends old and new! Now though it's back to work as these books won't write themselves! The first in my new series, The Secret Detective Agency which will be out next year is sitting with my agent and my editor so I'm diving into writing book 2. The next Miss Underhy book, Murder on the French Riviera is out May 28th - the day before my middle daughters wedding! And I'm halfway through writing the next Miss Underhay, Murder at the apple orchard. So I'm a busy bee. Remember you can preorder Murder on the French Riviera now and you can always catch up with me on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook author page.