Thursday, August 30, 2012

Be My Hero - releasing September 4th

Available once more as an e book September 4th from Astraea Press. It's also available as an audiobook from Audiolark and will soon be available as a large print edition too!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Passionate Harvest is FREE just for today!

My wonderful publishers at E-Scape Press have agreed to let me give away copies of Passionate Harvest! So just for today hurry along to Smashwords and use the coupon code TX42B. Please be aware Passionate Harvest is NOT one of my sweet titles!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Belles

The last few months have been pretty stressful here at the Nell household. All three of my teenagers were sitting exams. I'm thrilled to say that the eldest belle got all her A levels and the place she wanted at the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester where she'll study environmental and heritage land management. The middle belle took her english language GCSE a year early and has passed with a C! The youngest belle, who was 14 in May took an extra GCSE in film studies and got an A, plus she took her Biology and Physics GCSE's early too and got B's. Well done to all of them for all their hard work and a large gin for me for having felt as if I'd sat everyone of those flipping exams myself!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest blogger - Julie Day

A warm welcome to fellow RNA member and writing friend, Julie Day. Here's a little bit about her! I live in SE London and am a full-time writer. I have been writing for 19 years and have had published reader letters in health and writing magazines, short stories in small press magazines Creature Features and Crystal, and my first children's fiction book was published in 2009 called Rosie and the Sick School, about healthy eating at school with magical elements. I have recently self-published two YA ebooks in a series called ‘The Guardian Angels’. Just published my first romance enovella called ‘One Good Turn’. Julie's latest book - One Good Turn is just out on Smashwords and should be on Amazon anytime soon.
Here's a bit about it and a small excerpt to whet your appetite. Fifty-five year old Geraldine Simmonds has died and gone to Heaven, but there’s a catch. She has to earn her place in paradise by making her ex-boyfriend Keith a happier and loving man again. With the advice of her acrobatic helper Coco and a sprinkling of heavenly magic, Geraldine not only wins back Keith but becomes a better person herself. The Boss above approves her request to be allowed to return to Earth to help relatives who need a nudge to get their lives back on track and fall in love once more. Here's a taster Through the expanse of white, Geraldine Simmonds gazed down at the sombre group of people below her. She frowned. Only one of them was crying, her niece Mandy. She heard, ‘Oh, Aunt Geraldine, why did you have to die? I was going to help you find some good in your life.’ Geraldine blinked back a tear. ‘You were the good thing in my life, Mandy,’ she muttered. She watched the group of people leave the graveside and climb into their cars. ‘Where are you going?’ Mandy asked her relatives. ‘The wake is at my flat.’ ‘We’re not coming. We only came cos you asked us to. Bye, Mandy,’ one of them replied. What sort of relatives were these, that didn’t want to say a proper goodbye to her, Geraldine wondered. Oh, Mandy. You being there for me is enough. As the scene faded, she sighed. Some relatives they were. She was well away from them. Horrible, mean people, she thought; especially when she heard a sob from Mandy. * * * The scene changed. The whiteness appeared once more and a flash of bright gold like a shiny new ring shone round Geraldine then. What the...? She blinked to focus on her new surroundings. Her eyes widened as huge pearly gates appeared. And standing guard by them was a tall man with a beard, holding a long golden stick with a ball on the end. ‘Are you Geraldine Simmonds?’ the man asked. Geraldine just nodded, dumbstruck as she realised where she was. ‘Thought you were.’ ‘Am I where I think I am?’ ‘Yes. You have reached Heaven. I’m Head of Security. In charge of all missions and tasks as well as guarding this place.’ Then Geraldine heard a deep, smooth voice. One she didn’t think she’d hear again. It shouted: ‘Get me that apple. Now!’ ‘Oh my, that sounds like…’ ‘Your ex, Keith. Yes, it is.’ ‘He never used to be like that. What’s made him so nasty?’ ‘I believe he’s missing you.’ ‘Missing me? But we’ve not been together for three years.’ ‘Well, your name keeps cropping up when he talks.’ ‘Oh.’ She felt her eyebrows lift as he said this. How could they? Wasn’t she meant to be dead? You can get your copy of One Good Turn HERE