Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good things happen... nice people. My friend Lis, has won a crit by Dierdre Knight! How cool is that? Romance Diva's held a little draw and Lis's name came out top for a three chapter crit.
No news on either of my submissions but Making Waves is going well. I'm really having fun with it and I think Cassidy and Josh will be a really good couple once she stops being uptight and he stops being too laid-back.
My edits are due anytime for Be My Hero, my January release from Moonlit Romance. It'll feel wierd working on it again as I finished it in March and haven't touched it since. Nathalie's story was so emotional for me, I'm hoping the time it's spent resting will let me see it with fresh eyes and Laura is wonderful at picking out where I need to tweak.
I can't wait to see my cover. If you haven't checked out the Moonlit site then go look at the covers there. They are so beautiful. Patti and Joann have a wonderful one again for their December release, Goody-two-shoes and the Grinch. Go and see, Sheila does such a great job with them.
Today was unusual as my student was with colleagues and I was on my own for the first time in a while. I had to go to Kinver this morning and it was so lovely driving through the woods this morning in the sunshine. Pools of gold lit up foliage with that glorious bronzy-pink colour that only happens in Autumn. The Silver Birch shimmered against the fir trees like ghosts and squirrels played on the grass verges. The sky was blue but with a misty quality that made the folds of the hills seem crisper in a landscape fresh from the hands of God.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sweet Sunday

A little while ago I joined a group called Sweeter romantic notions. It's a wonderful group for readers and writers who love non-erotic fiction. We welcome erotic writers as members but it is for those of us who love sweet and sensual romance. There have been a lot of interesting points raised there lately about making the voices of sweeter writers stand out more. Hopefully there are some interesting developments in the pipeline that I'll fill you all in on as things get off the ground.
I polished and sent Dangerous to Know to Laura, my Moonlit editor so when I get any news I'll let you know. I also just sent chapter 2 of Making Waves to Jessica. I guess those couple of days break did me good.
I spent my days of completing tasks from my Christmas list. I have a few more things to arrange then I think I'm sorted. Just the wrapping and writing etc to complete, although I've done about half of my cards already. I signed up for the Romantic Times bookmark exchange though so now that's an extra bundle to write and post.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Spending time

I booked this Friday and Monday off from work. I really need the break and it's chance to clean the house ready for Christmas and do my big preparation shop. I'm working down my lists of what needs to be done and so far I'm on track and hopefully on budget.
I've had a couple of days break from writing just to let my brain percolate and so I can do some research for a couple of things I'm planning.
I've also been doing some thinking about where my writing is headed and what I'd like to achieve next year. It's quite scary but exciting at the same time.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reasons to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my U.S friends and readers, have a wonderful day.
I have many reasons to be thankful this year:
My mother's cancer is in remission.
I have my children and my husband, a loving extended family and wonderful friends.
I have my writing - this year has been the most incredible adventure of my life and I am so grateful everyday to all my publishers for taking my books, my readers who have sent lovely e mails and notes and my writer friends without whom I wouldn't be published.
My brilliant cp, Jessica and Lis who gives me so much support. Allison who is so close to being published, Pip, who always makes me smile. Kate Walker and Liz Fielding who have given me so much support and good advice. The witches, who I love to bits and wished they were a bit nearer!! Michelle Styles, Olivia Gates and Julie Cohen, Anna Lucia and Biddy. The ladies from subcare, the med romance girls and my friends at The Pink heart society, The romance diva's and the wonderful bats at the batcave.
I'm grateful to be well after years of not being well.

Monday, November 20, 2006

5 more things

Grace has tagged me to do five more things you don't know about me. (Well some of you might)
1. I had nine pregnancies to have my three girls.
2. I can speed read.
3. I'm scared of heights and once froze on a rope bridge on an assault course and had to be rescued.
4. I once drove a Sinclair C5 and crashed it into a tree.
5. As well as being allergic to tinsel and other stuff I'm allergic to adhesives.

P.S I finished the first chapter of Making Waves tonight and sent that to Jess too.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The end

Dangerous to Know is finally finished. I sent the last two chapters to Jessica, now I need to let the whole book sit for a while before I give it a thorough polish and edit. Once I'm happy with that I'll send it over to Laura and keep my fingers crossed that she'll like it.
Now I can focus on Making Waves, unless of course I hear from M&B on Charlie Darling. I've ideas for several medicals but I don't want to go down that route unless I know I stand a chance. So, my plan now is to complete Making Waves before Christmas and send that in, then I've a little holiday project called The Twelveth Knight, which I want to do over the Christmas break.
In the new year, I've Places to Go to finish and a secret project I'm researching at the moment.
Marrying Max (large print) is up for pre-order on Amazon already! eeeekkkk! Things To Do should also be listed there soon, as it's out on December nineteenth in print!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Broken glass and happiness

We went out for a meal last night with friends. We don't manage this kind of thing often enough and we were really looking forward to it. Our friends parked their car on the road at the top of our drive. We live on a tiny estate of aprox 100 houses on the arse end of nowhere. We left to walk to the pub which is a few hundred yards away at 8.30 we walked back at 10.40 and sat in our lounge which face the street drinking coffee and chatting. The lights were all on, the curtains open. At just after 12 our friends went to leave and some one had smashed the passenger window and stolen the sat nav from the glove box.
We can't believe none of us heard anything or saw anything or that the car alarm didn't go off. The car is a company one as is the sat nav and no one was hurt but it spoiled what had been a really lovely and much needed break for all of us.

Happiness came in the form of a postcard this morning from my large print publishers telling me that Marrying Max will make its large print debut in March 2007 with the isbn 978.184617.680.7

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Roll on the weekend!

Less than 1k to go on Dangerous to Know, then I can let it rest while I write some of Making Waves. Once I've left it alone for a while I'll give it a thorough edit and send it off to my lovely Moonlit editor who's waiting patiently for it to arrive.
Just for a laugh I think I'll share the following converation from earlier this evening.

La 'Mom, I'm not going to do maths after this year. I don't like it.' - She's 8.

Me 'You don't have a choice, the school says you can't not do it. Besides you'll need it when you're older.'

La 'No I won't. I don't want a job where you have to work a till. I want to groom dogs and you don't need maths for that.'

Me 'But you'll need to know how much to charge for grooming the dogs. Besides, you really don't have a choice.'

La 'Can I stop when I'm in year 6?'

Me 'No, you have to do math till you finish school and take an exam.'

La 'That is so unfair, no wonder they have Children in Need.' - (said with a heavy sigh.)

Clearly, I've passed on my love of things numerical to my children.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back from no-net land

My net provider has been experiencing difficulties over the last four days. It's been like trying to track the invisible man. It would go off for hours then spring into life for ten minutes or so and I would grab some emails then it'd be off again. So I wasn't ignoring anyone - just couldn't get on here, or anywhere, for that matter.
In the meantime c9 of Dangerous to know is done and hopefully with Jessica. I'm 1k into tha last chapter, just 2k to go and the book is done - well, except for a major polish and edit. I'm 1k into Making Waves and having fun with that.
Still nothing on Charlie - although Jessica has a vibe that I'll hear something soon. I do hope so. My lovely friend Pat has a book out called Prescription for Happiness. It's a Peoples Friend Story collection book so call into WH Smiths and grab a copy while it's on the shelf!
My big news is that From Darkness is out at Fictionwise - yay! That gives me three titles on there. If you missed the taster first time around here it is!

“There’s the castle.”
Fae braked at Flash’s words. They stared into the darkness at the building before them. Half of the castle was clearly uninhabitable. Fragmented stones stood like jagged broken teeth along the broken battlement. Mist twisted around the surviving tower and range of buildings. A couple of the windows cast yellow light in to the blackness and Fae breathed a sigh of relief. There was someone home.
“Right, let’s get this show on the road.” Fae eased the car into the courtyard of the castle. As she cut the engine, an eerie baying sound echoed around the stone walls.
“Wow, a welcome committee.” Flash leaned forward into the gap between the front seats, his dark head next to Fae’s.
“I expect living alone up here, miles from anywhere, they keep dogs,” Izzy snapped as she picked up her bag from the footwell.
Fae swallowed hard. She hoped Rhodri Morgan would be the kind of man who was susceptible to feminine charm. In her mind she’d pictured a stooped, elderly antiquarian who, on meeting her, would instantly change his mind and grant her free access to film the castle and its secrets.
The baying grew louder when Fae opened the car door. The next thing she knew, she was pinned to the side of the Mini by the biggest dog she’d ever seen in her life. A large paw was planted on each side of her shoulders as the dog breathed stale meat-breath in her face.
She twisted her head to the side and saw an archway of light appear on the far side of the courtyard.
Izzy and Flash remained in the car, round-eyed and open-mouthed with shock.
“Nice doggy.”
The hound responded with a lick down her face, covering her with drool. She heard the sound of footsteps crunching across the yard in the darkness.
“Down, Fang.” A firm male voice with a hint of accent came out of the mist. A shape loomed out of the darkness illuminated by a storm lantern. A large man’s shape.

© Copyright Nell Dixon 2006 From Darkness anthology
available from

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Party hardy

I promised Boo, my almost 10 year old I'd take her and a couple of friends to the pictures and then to Pizza Hut for her birthday next Sunday. Now on paper this seemed a great plan, what could be simpler? Loads of films out for kids, right?
Er, well no. There are films out now but they all finish on the 13th or the 16th. The Christmassy films don't start till December. Result - complete absence of kid friendly films over her birthday - sigh.
So we went today and saw Hoodwinked - which was very funny - and ate our body weight in pizza.
The net has been rubbish now for a week, very slow and then not up at all. Writing wise I have 1k to go on c9 then it's the last chapter of Dangerous to Know. I'm running behind but it's been a busy week.
I heard from a researcher too this week, apparantly she read on here about my tinsel allergy. At least she didn't crack tinsel jokes lol.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


5K to go on Dangerous to know, I fully intended to write tonight but I'm struggling to stay awake. Work is still being a PITA but I won't bore you all with a whinge.
Instead I'll tell you about my ebay experience. Last year I won a vacuum cleaner in a raffle at my daughters dance school. I've never used it as it's really meant for a workshop or car valet type work. So I decided after falling over the box yet again that I'd put it on ebay. Now as you all know I am so pushed for time and so plain knackered I didn't want to post it - it's a big box - so I put local collection only.
Simple, huh? Except apparantly - No.
I have been asked to post it to Lancashire, Yorkshire, and the one which really stumped me - Norway!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

And the winner is....

Drumroll please...

Making Waves - thanks to everyone who came up with ideas. It really helped and it was so nice to hear from everyone. Bamabelle, please drop me an email to with your snail addy and I'll sort out something nice to send you :)
I finished c8 of Dangerous to Know and I'm onto chapter 9. I'm also 500 words into Making Waves (formerly LOTR ggg) Cassidy and Josh are about to get a big surprise!

Work is still being a PITA but I've decided my boss gets paid way more than me so I'm just going to smile sweetly, say no and give out her name and phone number when all these people try giving me more stuff to do that really isn't my field. I am not a social worker, I am not a doctor, I am not a paediatric nurse, geriatric nurse or psychologist.
I am also not superwoman - I know I shattered a few illusions there, but trust me, I'm really not, and if things don't get dealt with then I'm going to be ill and my health isn't terrific at the best of times.
I feel bad that some of my clients are not going to get a service but I can't run such a big caseload over such a big area without making cuts. So to ensure the most vulnerable get care I've had to bite the bullet.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Any More?

Last chance today to come up with a title for my beach read, (scroll down to see the earlier post) Some good suggestions so far but none that feel quite right. I will give out a prize for the best suggestion though.

This weekend has been taken up with fireworks and dance exams. La has tap and ballet exams and the other two belles have ballet exams. Naturally they are all at different times, so by the time they'd done lessons yesterday and I'm done schlepping them around today my writing time will have been eroded.

I'm halfway through chapter 8 of Dangerous to Know and I've done a little bit more on the waiting for a better named beach read.