Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shameless begging

My lovely cp Jessica Raymond and I have been nominated for best contemporary romance over at ecataromance for our book A Taste of Summer.
If you loved it please go vote for us!
Thank you!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because I know how I feel about you now

This song has been driving me crazy. It's Clodagh's song, the heroine of Animal Instincts and it says everything about her relationship with Jack, the hero.
I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down,
But I know how I feel about you now.
Now to give her a bit of a shake and get her to do something that will put her back in charge. Thank you Sugababes.

I'm planning a launch party for Blue Remembered Heels - a real one - in a book store - with books - and people.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining and I've been driving the new car. I'm slowly getting more used to it. The biggest thing isn't that it's an auto but that the indicators are on the opposite side to the Kia, so I have to watch that I don't keep washing the windows.
Stil need to sell Baby - sob, but hopefully I'll find a good home for her soon.
I had a nice surprise yesterday when Amazon delivered a copy of Olivia Gates latest medical - Yay! What a treat, I'm looking forward to a really good read. Oivia writes for M&B medicals and also the Desire line.
I'm counting down the days to getting my hip sorted out and I feel more positive than I've done for ages. Must be the weather lol a bit of sunshine makes such a difference but I've lots of plans for the coming year and I feel like it's beginning to look possible now to make some of the changes I want. I promise to enighten you all when things are more concrete.
Now back to the wip's.

Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Friday fun 2

I appologise for not posting a Friday fun last week but I had a book release. Dangerous to Know just in case you didn't know lol.
So, this week I am indebted to 'The Village Voice' for some snippets of times past in the Black Country.

Parish records from Sedgley church in the 1600's are full of nicknames for various people and shed a fascinating light on the inhabitants.
Edward Pershouse, a young man called ye goat.
Thomas Thominson known as Dobbin.
Edward Fellows commonly called the Giant.
and Harry Evans of Gornal Wood called Harry the painter.

My favourite story though is about a gravedigger from Oldswinford. He was reputedly asked to prepare a grave for a Mr Button. He duly did so and submitted his bill to the grieving widow.
To providing one Button-hole the sum of 2/-

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Afraid, be very afraid

We picked up the new automatic car. No, I haven't driven it yet - pease stop the clucking chicken noises at the back and remember that I am the same person who once crashed a Sinclair C5 into a tree.
I need a bit of time to play with the new toy and get used to using one foot and one hand. I still need to sell Baby, so remember if you want a lovely silver Kia sorento, low mileage and all mod cons then I'm your woman.
Mr Nell decided I needed cheering up so he bought me some new fish today for my tank. Two lovely little angels who I've called Brad and Angelina and a couple of silver gourami. The baby fish are still doing well and growing rapidly. It's funny watching the estabished fish asserting themselves on the new ones. The clown loach have whiskered the angels and tried to outstare them while the Gourami's have decided punting at the Platys then darting off to hide in the weed and laugh is a good strategy.
Writing wise I'm on c13 of Animal Instincts and I know a lot of what I need to put in the previous chapters to make them stronger. I'm also writing the big book, a little at a time as it's very different in feel and takes a lot of thought. The fact that I can't physically sit for long to type is another factor in my rate of progress.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Carol

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Six random things/ quirks - hmm
1. I live on coffee. I carry sachets of coffee in my purse so I don't run out.
2. I love brooches and have quite a few, including a lovely one that Allison Littlehales gave me when I won the Romance Prize.
3. I sing along to music in the supermarket and I'm not a good singer. Before my hip was bad I would embarress the belles by dancing in the frozen food aisle.
4. I always wear perfume. I love perfume and feel naked if I'm not wearing any.
5. I always cry when I read Little Women at the bit when Beth is ill.
6. I don't like sport - either watching or participating. When I was at schoo I hated PE so much I learned the oboe so I could miss double games on Monday afternoons. Things got worse when I accidently hit my teacher with a javelin. Well I thought she said 'throw'. As I was the only girl not holding a javelin it was a bit of a giveaway that it was me.
Tagging - Lis, Jessica, Liz Fenwick, Sally, Rae Anne and Amanda Ashby.

And the verdict is...

I have osteo arthritis in the joint, at the moment it can last a bit longer but I will need a new hip at some point. It all depends on how quickly it deteriorates. I also have trochanteric bursitis and it's this that's causing the pain. My consutant put my pain level at 8 out of 10 and reckons he can bring it down to 2 out of 10. Obviously he can't get rid of it completely because the osteo arthritis will still be there.
I have to go in as a day case on the fourth of Feb for steroid and anaesthetic injections into the joint, this will be followed up with physio to put some movement back so I'l be able to climb stairs and stuff again - yay! I'm sure none of this will be fun but it will be so nice to be out of pain.
It also means I'll be able to work - yes! That and my nice new little automatic car will mean I'll be back to normal soon - well, as normal as I ever get.
Other nicer news yesterday was a lovely review from Brenda at The Romance Studio who has given Be My Hero four and half hearts.
Read it here

Monday, January 21, 2008

Today's the day

I finally get to see the consultant. This is the scary part - not because of the treatment. I've had numerous operations and injections in my life - but I'm scared of the prognosis. Osteo arthritis of the hip has a genetic link and it's very strong in my family. My father had to take early retirement for the same reason. I suppose that's been one of the factors nigging at the back of my mind and when you are the main breadwinner for your family it is a frightning prospect.
I've had a job ever since I've been thirteen, I've done all kinds of things, car washing, waitressing, modelling, shoefitting, check-out girl, business owner as well as all the nursing stuff. There are things I like about being at home - it's been a novel experience - but it's also driven me nuts.
I'm used to being busy, racing around, doing a dozen things at once. Anyone who's ever worked with me will tell you that I'm frighteningly well organized. I hate not being in control of what I'm doing and this business with my hip has meant I don't have control.
So, keep your fingers crossed that the prognosis is good, the treatment is swift and effective and I can be working again soon before I drive my friends and family crazy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stop press

Dangerous to Know is out! My lovely publisher just emailed me with the good news, so support a struggling writer - buy a book! lol

Weekend round up

Dangerous to Know should be available this weekend. My publisher had hoped to get it out yesterday but a last minute snafoo is holding it up. In the meantime congratulations to this years shortlisted candidates for The Romance Prize.
I'm thrilled to see several of my friends names there and I've read most of the books.
Fiona Harper is there twice! Amazing woman.
Liz Fielding - one of my autobuy authors.
Julie Cohen - my good friend and fellow Little Black Dress author
Kate Hardy - another friend and a wonderful writer
Lucy Gordan - writes yummy italian heroes.

Sadly no historicals this year, and no People's Friend or My Weekly or Little Black Dress books. I was so honoured and thrilled beyond belief to win last year. My writing life took off in amazing directions thanks to the Romance Prize and I bless my friend Michelle Styles for convincing me to enter, especialy when she had her own wonderful book in the shortlist too. I expect her to be in next years shortlist. (Go buy A Christmas Wedding Wager while you can still get it.)
My agent has seen my synopsis for my big book and I have the green light so I need to crank my pace up a notch. I'm hoping once I've seen the consultant on Monday I'll know what my plans for this year and the future are likely to be.
In other news, Mr Nell is changing his car. He's sacrificing his motor for a Jazz automatic which he's going to let me drive. I've only driven an auto once so it may take a little getting used to but I'll be mobile again soon - yay!!!
We're going to sell Baby, my beloved Kia Sorento too. So if you want a much loved tow car with loads of luxury bits in it that's only done 24k let me know.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dangerous to Know

Releasing later today!

“Dangerous to know.”
Nathalie’s words about her elder brother, Jerome, resonated in Gemma’s mind.
“Strawberries taste better when they’re dipped in chocolate.” Jerome suggested and dangled one near her mouth.
Gemma licked her lips, a gesture that was purely automatic. It felt very warm inside Nathalie’s sitting room and she struggled to draw enough air into her lungs.
Why had she decided the best way to get over being dumped yet again was to boost her confidence by flirting with Jerome? The corners of his deep blue eyes crinkled and she knew he found her naïve attempts at flirtation amusing.
Gemma leaned forward and took the fruit from his fingers with her teeth. She chewed and swallowed as Jerome’s pupils darkened in the soft light from a nearby lamp.
“You’re right. The chocolate makes all the difference.” Even to her own ears her voice sounded husky.
He smiled, and her heart skipped a beat. “Well, there’s more chocolate if you want some.” His fingertips were coated in melted chocolate from the fountain that stood in the centre of the platter of fresh fruit.
His words held the unmistakable note of challenge. Gemma sucked in air. This was not a good idea. She was in too deep. She tried not to stare at his fingers or imagine the taste of his skin. Phew, she felt hot…
© Nell Dixon 2007

I love the cover!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've changed colour from blue to green with envy. My eldest dd has gone to London today with her school. They have tickets to see the Tutankhamon exhibition and I would so love to see that. I've always been fascinated by mummies and burials. I watched a great time team programme just last night on Viking treasure.
The one place I would really love to see is Pompeii. I think it's because of the glimpses we get into the past. The small personal things that make the people really live, like a baby shoe or someones treasured cooking pot.
I decided to get my hair cut and hi-lighted today in a bid to lift my spirits, plus I'm in imminent danger of being mistaken for cousin It from the Adams family.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Outing was a success. I would have enjoyed it more if my leg didn't hurt so much. It's been worse since I drove on Tuesday. I think it was just a bit too far with the roadworks.
The weather here is so dark and wet it has a very lowering effect on the spirits. I also had some sad news about a writing friend this afternoon.
To cap it all I've been unable to acess my g mail account for two days now. It's been as slow as molasses ever since Sky started fiddling with it.
I'm in dire need of some good news from someone so if anyone has something cheerful to post - book sales, requests, just generally nice happenings however small then post in the comments.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Was my eldest daughter's fourteenth birthday. In a moment of madness I appear to have been persuaded to chaperone a party of teenage girls to the pictures on Sunday to celebrate this event. I understand we're seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks followed by Pizza at Pizza hut. My role in this outing is to bring money.
In fact, bringing money seems to be the main role of parents as children get older, that, and providing transport.

Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Friday fun 1

I'll kick off the New Year of the Friday fun posts with a mini biography of one of the Black Countrys more famous daughters and one of my favourite actress/comediennes.

Josie Lawrence was born in Old Hill in the West Midlands and decided at the age of five that she wanted to be an actress.

When she was 16 she joined the Barlow Players in Oldbury and from 1978 to 1981 she studied theatre at Dartington College of Arts.

Josie has appeared in numerous theatre productions including playing Moll Flanders at the Lyric. Hammersmith , Lisa Dolittle in Pygmalion at the Nottingham Playhouse and ate in the Taming of the Shrew for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Mrs Anna in the King and I at the London Palladium and Mrs Overall’s evil daughter in the West End version of Acorn Antiques.

Her TV career started in earnest with Whose Line Is It Anyway - and she is still a regular improviser with the Comedy Store Players – which led to her own series, Josie. She has also starred in three series of the award winning Outside Edge, among many other TV roles. She has appeared in episodes of Miss Marple and will be back on screen in the spring I believe.

Josie, born Wendy, currently lives in London in a house she jokingly calls 'Yoghurt' mansion as she bought it with money from a Tesco yoghurt advert. She has two cats called Aynuk and Ayli after the famous Black Country duo.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something to brighten the day

I know so many people at the moment who are struggling with all kinds of things. One of my Diva friends posted this and I thought I'd share it with all of you.
Watch all through

Monday, January 07, 2008

With a smile and a song

Dentist again today. My dentist, Gorgeous George, could double for Vin Diesel. He's also a very nice man and I like him better now he's told me that since I've been off work the damage I've done to my teeth by grinding them in my sleep has slowed down. I'm not a dentist but I suspect the stress probably would be a big clue to my nocturnal tooth wear.
I'm officially at the half way point for Animal Instincts, the plot is zipping along nicely and I'm falling in love with my hero.
Tomorrow is my meeting with my manager and HR. I hope it doesn't retrigger the teeth grinding.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Who used all the ink?

I've had a new printer. The old one decided it just didn't want to print anything black ever again. We cleaned it, changed cartridges, threatened it with violence and still it decided not to work. In fact, it then dug in it's heels and decided blue was the only possible shade of print it could manage.
So, I have a shiny new black Cannon printer sitting on the desk in the family room now instead.
Unfortunately the old printer became senile just as I needed to print off a short story for a project for the RNA. I'm posting it today and hope I'm not too late. If I am or they don't like it I'll have to send Muriel the car-park fairy's story to soemone else. Though I'm not sure who else would want a story about a fairy and George Clooney.
I'm almost halfway now on Animal Instincts and really loving the story. Clodagh is very different from the heroine in Blue Remembered Heels and Jack, my new hero, is a very sexy guy.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Snow no show

Well, it didn't snow but it's still very cold here. The tree and decorations are down, just the outside lights to go. Everything is very dusty so I need to polish and wash all of my cut glass and china while trying to restore order to the house.
Fridays have been given over to my Friday Fun posts for the last few months. I'm interested to know if you would all like me to continue with those? I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the Black Country, it's food, it's people, it's ghosts and buildings.
The Seven sisters cavern was in the news just yesterday as it may have to be closed to the public and infilled since we lost out on the lottery bid. I hope Sustrain and their vote rigging cyclists are happy - cross, moi?
I have a lot more things I can tell you but it's up to you. Let me know - more Black Country info? Or something different for Fridays instead?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Taking down the decs

Panto was fab. Four daleks, special 3d glasses that made it look as if the genie was flying at you. John Barryman is a terrible giggler so - when as happens in panto - the unexpected happens, he was reduced to a fit of the giggles. Don McClean as Widow Twanky and the Grumbleweeds had clearly caught on to this. I love theatre and I wish I could afford to go more often but shows have become so expensive.
It's very cold here and we're expecting some snow later. Beef stew for tea tonight I think and we need to take down the decorations today.
Chapter eight of Animal Instincts should be finished later today too. I'm hostess for the month at the Moonlit readers loop so if you get chance stop by and say hello. Dangerous to Know is due for release on the twentieth and as soon as I see the cover I'll put it up to show you. Moonlit always do beautiful covers so I'm really excited to see what it will be like.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh no it isn't

Yes, we're off to the panto tonight. The belles are very excited at the prospect of seeing a 3d genie and a dalek. Eldest is excited as John Barryman is playing as Aladdin.
I spent New Years eve looking back at my goals for last year and updating my business plan for this year. That sounds very important doesn't it? Actually it's just a piece of paper where I look at what I need to do to keep moving forward and how that ties in with the stories I want to write. Then I break it down to make sure it's doable.
The day job is still up in the air. I have to see my manager next week and HR but realistically until I get a time frame and a firm decision from my consultant it's all a bit academic.
Animal Instincts is moving forward well and I'm feeling much happier about the story.