Monday, April 14, 2014

Unexpected Treasure - Free!

Unexpected Treasure - short story which I released a while ago has finally gone free on Amazon UK. If you all report it then hopefully it'll go free for my US readers too. Here's the UK link

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Vote for Christmas Ever After!

Gulp, voting is open for the RONE awards in the novella category. Christmas Ever After is a nominee and I would be eternally grateful for any votes. I know I don't stand a chance as I don't have the street teams and huge cohorts of organised voting some authors have but I'd be thrilled to reach double figure :) Vote Here It only takes a minute and InD'Tale Mag are lovely and don't spam you. Hugs. If you haven't read it yet and want to read before you vote - voting is open for a week! Here are the buy links! Amazon UK

Lady Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Bellhavan is dubbed the runaway bride after calling off her wedding on the eve of her marriage just a week before Christmas. Her best friend, Sophie has the perfect hideout for the beleaguered society belle, her childhood home, Tything Manor. Lottie won’t be alone for Christmas at the isolated Northumbrian manor house, Sophie’s older brother, Ranulf, the reclusive Earl of Craigmore will be there too.

Rafe is aware his unconventional looks and retiring nature won’t win any beauty contests but with the magic of the Christmas season and some judicious matchmaking from the meddlesome Sophie it might just be Christmas Ever After for Lottie and Rafe…

Also available as a paperback