Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm off again

Not very far only to Worcester. I'm taking the girls for a few days of girly things before school hits us again - whenever that is - I'm still not sure. Chapter eight is done on Charlie Darling and we're heading for the home stretch. My word count is coming up short but I always underwrite so I have lots of wriggle room when I edit it all and make some sense of it hopefully.
Another colleague gave her notice this week so I'm starting to feel like an endangered species. If you haven't bought Sela Carsen's book, Not quite Dead. Why not? It's a really good read and no Sela, I'm not just saying that because your my friend and I lubs ya! Go to My book store and more at the Samhain site, there is a huge sale and special offers on all kinds of books, print and e books, there are prizes to win and a draw for an e book reader. Go take a look and remember Things to Do is out on Tuesday - eek!


Anonymous said...

Nell, I hope your book will do great!

Lis said...

Hope you and the girls had a great time :o)