Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost there

Me, You and Him is almost done - well the first draft anyway. This book is turning out to be a bit like Animal Instincts in that it keeps growing and I think I might need one or two more chapters than I originally planned. I'm determined to get it finished by the end of June but with the eldest belle's prom, her pre op appointments (she's having surgery next month on her wonky toe) and middle belle's upcoming trip to Germany, life is just a tad hectic. The day job is frantically busy too as our funding for next year, as with most of the third sectors funding, looks a shade wobbly. This means that if I'm to remain in gainful employment we have to send out huge numbers of applications for bids and grants, try to find sponsors and generally fundraise like crazy.
Eldest belle has finished her exams and is busy cleaning the house for me, so it's looking much better and I think I've found all my paperwork and put it in one file ready for the dreaded tax return which I usually tackle in July/August time.

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Unknown said...

Good luck with it all.