Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday moaning

Either it's the damp miserable weather or I really am turning into a grumpy old woman. Random irritations on a wet morning:
False eyelashes - I mean really, why do you think anyone would glue something that looks like two spidery toupees for a bald man to their face to go and work in a bank? Most disconcerting for the customer on the other side of the counter especially when coupled with orange fake tan and the false nails.
Queues - everytime - Dear Halifax - you need more staff and why do the machines never, ever work?
Drivers with no lights - You are in a black car, it's dark, it's raining, please put your lights on.
TV in the bank - Dear Lloyds, I don't want to watch the Labour party conference whilst in your queue. I shouldn't be there long enough to watch TV. And I don't care who won the leadership contest - the ship is sinking I don't care who is on deck. (Disclaimer, in the interests of equality there are other political parties, and no, I don't want to watch them either)
Heart radio - For the love of Mike please change the playlist - I can only stand so much Lady Gaga, Michael Buble and Alicia 'New York' Keyes before I lose the will to live.
What minor stuff is irritating you at the moment?


Kimberly Menozzi said...

I was going to say I didn't have anything trivial to carp about, but then I saw the mention of "false eyelashes".

I was watching an advert from the UK this weekend and noted how this ad for "lash lengthener/mascara" had the disclaimer at the bottom, which read:

"Lash inserts were used along with post-production enhancement" - or words to that effect.

WTF??? Why advertise that your product lengthens eyelashes when the only way to get the effect is to use camera tricks and false eyelashes???

DERRRR!!! Anyone who uses this product is delusional, IMO.

To compound the misery, they use an actress (I know, she had to agree to it, but still) who looks her best WITHOUT false anything or enhancements of any kind. My hubby adores her, but when he saw her in this advert, he shook his head in total disappointment.


Stupid for me to get so wound up, I know, but this is precisely the sort of thing that gets right under my skin. Ugh!

Phillipa said...

Nell - it's the darkness outside. I hate it - the lights are blazing out here at Ashley Towers and it's high noon. And there's six months to go of it. Yuk!

Judy Jarvie said...

Yey. Nell's having a rantathon! Keep up the good work!

Were you tutting in the bank by any chance? hehe

(Though don't turn into one of those ladies in the street who mutters conduct narration - was tempted to belt the one who said I was walking too fast for my toddler in the moosh with my shopping bag!) She didn't realise I had a parking ticket to get back for. Narky old lady is now a marked woman on my 'blow dart'/slap sticker list. jx

Janet Ch said...

"What minor stuff is irritating you at the moment?"

Young soap actors who mumble (very noticable on Coronation Street.)

Lis said...

Trial software programs that crash, repeatedly, when I try to open an image. Had 15 minutes straight of that.