Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I'm watching

If you know me well then you'll know I don't watch much TV and when I do watch it I'm a sucker for reality shows. At the moment I'm in heaven. Big Brother - hosted by Brian Dowling - okay so he's still a bit wooden but he is so much better than Davina at interviewing. Made in Chelsea - or men without chins as we call it. Then the best, the ultimate The Bachelor with Gavin Henson, a show so terrible it's pure gold.
You're all probably shaking your heads as you read this and wondering why I like this kind of thing.
As a writer I love to people watch, I like to understand their motivations and see how they cope with situations. All the people involved in the shows lead a life so completely different from mine I'd never encounter them in any other way.
So if it's BB's Alex, who looks like a man in drag getting so many spray tans she looks as if she's been dipped in creosote. Or MIC's Spencer, the man who can't keep a girlfriend, giving Hugo relationship advice or Gavin, being persued by Carrie of the squeaky voice and the lisp on the Bachelor it gives me a valuable insight into another world.
If you don't believe me check out Alex trying to talk to Aaron about music 'Deryerlikendubzderyer'
Or Spencer 'You can have all the cakes in the bakery'
Or Gavin 'I don't know what to do now, I don't honestly.'


Judy Jarvie said...

Hehe. You're in telly heaven. Go for it.

Nell Dixon said...

I know, and last night Glee was back!