Saturday, January 07, 2012

Chugging along

Eldest, middle and youngest
It's too early in the New year for me to think about the usual goals for the year. I never attempt my getting fitter, maintaining/losing weight until the middle of the month. That gives time for the goodies to go and life to settle down. This year is extra slow as my eldest belle will be 18 on Wednesday!
I can't quite believe the years have gone by so swiftly. She arrived by C section on a cold January day - overdue and breech, her hips stuck firmly in my pelvis so her hips were dislocated. She spent the first six months of her life encased in double nappies and a huge plastic casing to hold her joints in place.
It certainly surprised the vicar at her christening when I handed her over and instead of a squishly little baby he encountered the huge plastic splint. People were very weird when I was out with her too - one woman followed me all around the supermarket one day and threatened me with social services as eldest had been crying and the woman could see the splint. I swear she took my car reg as I pulled away.
Now she's all grown up, learning to drive, taking her A levels and planning her university course.
Happy Birthday, eldest!


Unknown said...

beautiful photo...happy birthday to your eldest!


Julie Day said...

I've not got resolutions this year but goals, esp for my writing. Although I do want to lose weight. I have short and long-term goals for writing and tick them off when I do them. Then will go back to it end of month and can see what I have done and feel chuffed.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

lovely photo! How do the years slip by so quickly? Happy Birthday to your daughter and good writing in 2012 to you!

Phillipa said...

What a lovely photo! Congrats you and all the belles, especially the Birthday Girl.

Judy Jarvie said...

You girls are gorgeous. Happy 18th Eldest Belle when it comes (it's my bday this week too!!)
And yes, it's scary how fast time flies!

Mia Loveless said...

Belated Happy Birthday Belle. Yeah, I truly agree with you and Judy that time flies so fast. The next thing we know is that your eldest will complete her university :-)Mia Loveless