Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lucky 7 meme

Have been tagged by my lovely friend Kate Hardy on a meme. Rules: go to p77 of your current work, 7th line down, and paste the next 7 sentences. Then tag 7 others.
Hmm, well Radio Gaga isn't edited so this may be dodgy but here goes!

I could only hope that once Fred and Merv had witnessed my horrific mass slaughter of innocent veg they would change their minds. I arranged to come back later in the week armed with a trowel and wellies and said goodbye to Fred.
I reckoned there was time for me to grab a coffee and a bacon butty to go from the corner café before I reported in to the radio station for the next stop on the ‘Let's Torture Chloe Campaign’.
The café was packed when I arrived. It seemed to be the favourite haunt of every construction worker within a ten mile radius. I hunkered into my fleece and tacked on to the end of the queue.
“Hello Chloe, I didn’t expect to see you here.” I turned to find Ben standing behind me looking far too good for a cold, damp spring morning.

Not sure who to tag as I think lots of people may have done this already - so if you haven't and you're reading this then consider yourself tagged!

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Sherry Gloag said...

Sounds interesting and what a great hook to finish on.