Friday, February 26, 2021

Guest blogger - Georgia Hill

A warm welcome to lovely Georgia Hill talking about her latest book and the inspiration behind it!
Huge thanks for having me on, Nell! Yesterday saw the publication of a book which has held a very special place in my heart for years. I loved writing Janey Trelawney’s Year of Surprising Triumphs. I always fall in love with my hero but this time I fell for the heroine too! A long time ago, a friend introduced me to the idea of snowdrop devotees – galanthophiles. She sent me some articles from a magazine and links to a few websites. Also percolating in my brain was the image of a studious and sexy accountant hero and a heroine who was a bit ‘out there,’ a little eccentric. I wrote the first scene, where Will watches Janey dance under the chestnut trees and then, as often happens, I got waylaid with writing other stuff. That first scene never left me though. Opposite my childhood home were three chestnut trees. I was a bit of an eccentric child, a bit ‘out there’ (probably still am) and loved standing underneath them listening to the breeze seething through the leaves. The sound that trees make in the wind is called ‘susurration’ – isn’t it a beautiful word? A re-watch of one of my favourite films, Calamity Jane, got me excited; I had the inspiration for some of the plot, mainly the bit where everyone is in love with the wrong person. The book wears its Calamity Jane influences lightly but, if you’re a keen film buff like Janey, you’ll have fun spotting them. I’m like Janey in some ways but especially when it comes to dyscalculia, which I believe I have to a mild degree and which ruined large parts of my high school life. I only wish I had her gardening skill; my ability to kill plants is legendary.
It’s funny how things trickle through your life and end up in your writing. All the above – and much, much more – ended up in Janey Trelawney, including a dim-witted and naughty spaniel! I must take this opportunity to add my thanks to Greg Poulos, who was very helpful in reminding me what a wonderful city Boston is, and my friend Debbie who supplied Janey’s ‘bra incident.’ I forgot to acknowledge you both – a terrible habit and I promise to make it up to you next time. I also need to thank my weekly Zoom group. You know who you are. You’ve gave valuable insight along the way and kept me sane-ish during Lockdowns. I wanted to read uplifting fiction during these (groan) unprecedented times and I wanted to write it too. I hope Janey fills that need. Love, Georgia x About the book! - Janey Trelawney's Year of Surprising Triumphs Janey’s life becomes more disaster movie than romcom when the ruthless Becca steams in to manage Cheney House. Her job as head gardener in peril and her self-confidence in tatters, Janey must fight back. Finding an ally in Will, who’s more Clark Kent than Superman, it’s up to them to save the day while owner Clare is away having her Shirley Valentine moment. It doesn’t help that everyone is in love with the wrong people! Why can’t people love the one who loves them back? Will Cheney House survive - and will Janey ever get her When Harry Met Sally happy ending? Find out in this warm-hearted romance from the author of the best-selling Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake CafĂ©, full of Gregory Peck look-a-likes, snowdrops, cake, and a cocker spaniel called Camilla. BUY THE BOOK HERE
About the author: Georgia Hill writes warm-hearted and up-lifting contemporary and timeslip romances about love, the power and joy in being an eccentric oldie and finding yourself and your community. There's always a dog. It's usually a naughty spaniel of which, unfortunately, she has had much experience. Her books are firmly rooted in small seaside towns similar to the one she lives in and she loves history especially when it insists on rearing up and battering at the present. As a child she had an invisible friend called Gonky who lived on the third stair from the bottom. As an adult her invisible friends inhabit her head and refuse to leave until she commits them to paper. Readers of her books can escape into a warm bath of words and, no matter what challenges her characters face they will, ultimately, have a happy ending. Find her on Twitter as @Georgia Writes

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