Saturday, November 25, 2006

Spending time

I booked this Friday and Monday off from work. I really need the break and it's chance to clean the house ready for Christmas and do my big preparation shop. I'm working down my lists of what needs to be done and so far I'm on track and hopefully on budget.
I've had a couple of days break from writing just to let my brain percolate and so I can do some research for a couple of things I'm planning.
I've also been doing some thinking about where my writing is headed and what I'd like to achieve next year. It's quite scary but exciting at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Nell, I hope you enjoy your Monday and Friday off, and you deserve a break!

Sara Hantz said...

Have fun. Your post got me thinking.... no, not about christmas planning, I will (as usual) leave it to the last minute and hope the fairies step in to help. It's the planning for next year. I love a good plan and something to aim for... so I think I'll get onto it... and write a list

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Monday and Friday off, hope you get a lot done :o) Enjoy your time away from the keyboard too! *g*