Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sweet Sunday

A little while ago I joined a group called Sweeter romantic notions. It's a wonderful group for readers and writers who love non-erotic fiction. We welcome erotic writers as members but it is for those of us who love sweet and sensual romance. There have been a lot of interesting points raised there lately about making the voices of sweeter writers stand out more. Hopefully there are some interesting developments in the pipeline that I'll fill you all in on as things get off the ground.
I polished and sent Dangerous to Know to Laura, my Moonlit editor so when I get any news I'll let you know. I also just sent chapter 2 of Making Waves to Jessica. I guess those couple of days break did me good.
I spent my days of completing tasks from my Christmas list. I have a few more things to arrange then I think I'm sorted. Just the wrapping and writing etc to complete, although I've done about half of my cards already. I signed up for the Romantic Times bookmark exchange though so now that's an extra bundle to write and post.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for good news from Laura!!
Sounds like you're making great progress on Christmas. I'm going out tomorrow afternoon to hopefully put a good size dent in my shopping list.

Nell Dixon said...

Go for it, Amanda - it's a great group.