Thursday, November 16, 2006

Roll on the weekend!

Less than 1k to go on Dangerous to Know, then I can let it rest while I write some of Making Waves. Once I've left it alone for a while I'll give it a thorough edit and send it off to my lovely Moonlit editor who's waiting patiently for it to arrive.
Just for a laugh I think I'll share the following converation from earlier this evening.

La 'Mom, I'm not going to do maths after this year. I don't like it.' - She's 8.

Me 'You don't have a choice, the school says you can't not do it. Besides you'll need it when you're older.'

La 'No I won't. I don't want a job where you have to work a till. I want to groom dogs and you don't need maths for that.'

Me 'But you'll need to know how much to charge for grooming the dogs. Besides, you really don't have a choice.'

La 'Can I stop when I'm in year 6?'

Me 'No, you have to do math till you finish school and take an exam.'

La 'That is so unfair, no wonder they have Children in Need.' - (said with a heavy sigh.)

Clearly, I've passed on my love of things numerical to my children.


Jessica Raymond said...

Aw, poor La! I hated it too :(

Jess x

Grace Tyler said...

Nell, I just love La's arguments. And the dog grooming was classic!

Grace Tyler said...

Nell, I tagged you on my blog.

We all want to know five obscure things about you.