Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took yesterday as a writing day - I'm on chapter six now and loving my new story. That means today is errand day - sigh. Visit to the bank which I hate with a passion was much improved by the discovery of one of my fab former Asda colleagues working there. Then to get a few ingredients for tonights casserole. Bought my new little purse diary for next year so I need to fill that out. These are fab - I've been buying them ever since I was a student nurse - they cost 50p from Clinton cards, open out to a month on view at a time with a box for each day just big enough to make a note and are small enough and flat enough to slip in the side of a purse, or when I was on the wards, into my uniform pocket.
Now to renew my RAC subscription - I'm supposed to get this free with my bank account but I'd hate to put it to the test. Finally I'm back doing my Flylady routines which I'd let slip this year and have missed so much. If you don't know about Flylady check out her website - great for busy people - her Christmas planner is ace.


Jane Lovering said...

I feel tired just reading about your day. Why is it that staff in banks always make you feel as though they are lending you money when they're really only handing you over your own? I always expect the cashier, upon giving me a bunch of fivers to say 'I want it all back by Friday'.

Julie Day said...

Gosh, you are busy. I think you need skates to get you around. Hope you get some more writing done soon.