Monday, October 04, 2010

X Factor?

I don't watch much TV but as you know I do love me a crappy reality show. Well, watching X Factor last night I certainly got the crappy part. Cheryl Cole was clearly much iller with her malaria than we were led to believe. The poor girl was still so affected by it she managed to take through the only two singers in her category who couldn't sing. Katie 'I think I'm Madonna's love child' and half girl, half old lady, Cher.
Gamu who most of the population of the UK had marked as their winner of the series didn't go through. Simon picked his made up groups on the grounds that they looked better than the groups who had bothered to work hard, rehearse and could actually sing. Dani chose an italian bloke with an ego to rival Katie whats her face and poor Louie has Tesco Mary, a bloke in a hat and Storm Drain. The best thing all weekend was the return of Sharon Osbourne.However there are now rumours of a judges wild card pick next week. Pah! I won't be bothering to watch.
The one bright spot on the horizon is that next week Harry Hill is back!!!


Ms Menozzi said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I don't have a bunny with a pancake on his head to offer you, so...

Could I just say that I'm glad I won't be watching, either?


Kate Hardy said...

Daughter has forced me to watch this with her (mainly because she's fed up with her dad's and brother's comments!). We were right about Simon's and Louis's picks, couldn't believe that Niccolo got through, and there was big chorus of, "No WAY" when Cheryl chose Katie over Gamu (who had a better voice, a better attitude and actually remembered her words).

There is some good stuff on, though. New series of New Tricks on Friday nights, and Downton Abbey on Sundays (worth watching just for Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton - Hugh Bonneville and Nicholas Coyne are big extra bonuses). I've gone from "no telly" to "couch potato at 9pm" (but DH has to promise, no eating in front of me).

Phillipa said...

I also have no idea as I was watching George Gently - set in 1966 and made me feel old (and how much better the world is now than then, paart from Simon Cowell..)