Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pleasant Valley Sunday

I appologise for the lack of blogging lately. Life has been even more hectic than usual so I've been a bit remiss in my efforts to bore you all rigid with the mundane trivia of my daily life.
This weekend I've barely been in the house, by the time I'd dropped the middle belle at dance class, scooted round and done the grocery shop, picked her back up, dropped her and the shopping off at home, collected the other two belles for a dentist visit - eldest for a tiny filling, youngest to have three milk teeth removed, dropped eldest off at cinema to meet her friends, gone home, helped a friend of mine complete a mountain of dss forms for her daughter, then gone and collected eldest belle, Saturday had vanished.
Then today, I needed to get the laundry on, visit my parents, come back to hang out laundry, take middle belle to theatre group, come home and grab coffee, then go back to collect middle belle then cook Sunday dinner, my Sunday will have disappeared too.
Somewhere in the midst of all this I really want to finish the chapter I'm working on, and I suppose I opught to attempt to clean the house.
How was your weekend?


Unknown said...

Thankfully more restful than yours...take a breath and don't over do it.

Laura Hamby said...

I've had entire weeks like that. Hugs! Hope you survive your Sunday.

Talli Roland said...

Wow, sounds frantic! Mine was a bit more relaxing than that! Hope your week ahead is good.

Phillipa said...

A much slower pace! Preparing for next week and walking in the sun on Cannock Chase. Hope to ee you soon, Nell.

Unknown said...

Goodness, my weekend was much less frantic than yours. I did do a (little) bit of cleaning but I also spent a lot of relaxing.